Poems at Scythe

I have three poems up at Scythe, and am thrilled to be in the good company of Jee Leong Koh, Rose Hunter, and other wonderful poets. The issue is visually lovely. Take a look!

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working again

Reporting that once again, I have part-time (per diem) work with Planned Parenthood. They formally rehired me today, and have already offered me 2 days of paid training this week and 9 additional clinic days this month. I will also be working in a private practice one day a week doing pain management, which should also begin sometime this month. This means I will probably be working 3-4 days/week and be able to pay my bills. This is a good compromise with my urgent desire to continue to focus on my writing. I feel very grateful at the moment, I had a lovely summer getting unemployment checks and spending only a small amount of my savings, and now I have work again, just as things were starting to look a little dicey.


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9/04/11 Poem up at Lily

I love this journal, recently re-started by Susan Culver, with matched images and poems. http://www.freewebs.com/lilylitreview/

I’m pleased to have one of my poems up in this issue of Lily:  http://www.freewebs.com/lilylitreview/5_5Denenberg.html

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Chimaera July 2011

I have a poem up at Chimaera, called Surface Tension.  The poetry theme for this issue of the journal is Life, the Universe and Everything, which is a quote from Douglas Adams’, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe. Have a look at the whole issue, there are some wonderful poems and a feature spotlighting Australian poet Les Murray, which includes this verse from his poem, Rock Music:

Sex is a Nazi. The students all knew
this at your school. To it, everyone’s subhuman
for parts of their lives. Some are all their lives.
You’ll be one of those if these things worry you.

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Lily: A monthly online literature review is up and features 13 poems with wonderful accompanying visuals. All of these are great poems, my favorites include: The Rage of Parents by Nic Sebastian; When to Speak of Bridges, When to Speak of Getting Old by Sherry O’Keefe; Poppy Red, by Virginia Smith; and Out of the Coma, by John Grey. Mine is In the wingflap of a fly.

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I have a poem in the American Journal of Nursing

This is so cool. I used to work at AJN, I was a temporary clinical editor for about six months back in 1999. They are a great bunch of folks. They are even paying me an honorarium. Imagine that!  Three_Part_Breath.23

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poor lonely blog

I’ve been neglecting this page, while for the past month I’ve been leaving daily posts every day at a piece a day and posting a poem a day at Word Poems since 6/14. So the question is: How to keep this page alive?

I started blogging some years ago to write about death and dying issues, but also about my personal struggles with work and living, and more recently, to connect with poets and writers and to think about where poetry fits into my life.

I think I have chosen to move the death/dying topics to the daily blog as one of several topics I write about and post there, and leave this blog space to recognize my own, and others’ milestones, sorrows, and life changes. In other words: updates.

So, risa’s pieces is now my official update page!

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Poems up!

I have a poem in YB and 2 in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. I’m thrilled to be included in both of these fine journals.

The theme for this issue of YB is Windows and it is lovely and thought-provoking with poems by J. Bradley, Jessie Carty, Brittney Corrigan, moi, Kathleen Kirk, Daniel Romo, Nic Sebastian, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Troy Urquhart, Helen Vitoria, Megan Williams, and Melanie Moro-Huber. The YB journal is a creation of Rose Hunter with Sherry O’Keefe and John Riley co-editing this issue with her. And photos by Dorothee Lang.  I’m amazed and how hard poets work to publish others’ poetry and make it all look so gorgeous.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an electronic journal,  published on a rolling basis,

“in the hope to encourage dialogue among physicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners and physician-assistants, students, and all other health-care workers. In short, we foster humanism in medicine, however defined.”

It’s worth checking out, in these days when healthcare can feel so heartless.

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my daily writing experiment

I have just started a new blog site with the lofty goal of writing (and posting) every day. I’ll keep this blog, risa’s pieces, for incidental posts, which I have been doing (at various sites) for the past 5 or so years, but please check out my brand-new daily blog: risadenaday. 

If I know that people are reading the blog, at least occasionally, it will motivate me!



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Thoughts on work

From my blog, February 2008: 

Working takes things that I have no right to give and can’t
really live without. I have to get this right at some point.
I am longing to re-discover a place that I have at least
visited where mystery is wonder, history has meaning, I am
nothing, silence is everything, and life is precious.
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