I have taken down these 30 poems, and am working on revisions. Two of them have already been accepted for publication!


For the second year, I am posting a poem a day at the Gazebo, the workshop where I have posted poems and read/commented on others’ poems for some years now. It’s a fabulous place with serious poets and lots of good feedback.

This year I think I’ll also post my poems-a-day here. I keep a list of words that I find fascinating and I am choosing a word each day from that list as a prompt. Most of them are either medical terms or have some congruence with my work, so beware of the darkness. If you read them, keep in mind they are just drafts I am writing day by day. Last year, some went on to become keepers, others rotted in their pots. I expect the same this year. Also, I will be taking this page down at the end of the month. So enjoy while you may.


5 Responses to NaPoMo

  1. I’m glad you are posting these. Ouch, they do hurt.

  2. Nic Sebastian says:

    they do, Risa. But lovely too.

    You wish her no harm, only want what is considered
    normal to want. She disagrees. It hurts, that’s all she knows.

  3. Karen Kelsay says:


    Thanks for posting them. Very nice.

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