about risa

Risa Denenberg is an itinerant aging hippy currently living in Tacoma, Washington. She earns her keep as a nurse practitioner and freelance medical writer.

Risa tries to write every day! She writes a daily blog at: a piece a day and posts poems, usually based on word prompts, at: a poem a day.

Risa is drawn (compelled, perhaps) to exploring themes of suffering and death and their intersections with religion, medicine, science, and the arts, particularly through poetry. Risa loves her solitude and enjoys reading, writing, drawing, cooking, and any kind of meaningful communication.

About her own poems, Risa says, “I think my poems come mostly from some hybrid of my own experiences and my work as a nurse/practitioner. Although I’ve worked in a number of settings, I gravitate to the cracks where suffering is pervasive and spiritual resilience abounds.” You can find links to some of Risa’s poems on the tab labeled my poems.


3 Responses to about risa

  1. Judy says:

    So Risa .. any chance you are the Risa who went to Takoma Park Junior High School? If so, life’s irony is that I have been working in palliative care for over a decade. It is my passion. Might be your old friend, Judy Peres

  2. Sharon Leigh says:

    Risa, your work is lovely. Very much enjoyed!

    Sharon Leigh

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