30/30 Project

30/30 Project   I am one of 9 poets writing a poem-a-day in July for Tupelo Press. And you, my friends, are my beloved sponsors. I love Tupelo Press for it’s amazingly gorgeous books of poetry and the generosity of … Continue reading

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My Happy Chappie!

My Happy Chappie!.

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Poem at Lavender Review … and

This is a lovely journal with lesbian sensibility.


and here is one at the New Verse News, a site with a political bent.  See 12/03 for my poem …



And, Harlow’s Monkeys, at YB


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Poem up at Mudlark

My poem, Eating the Seed Corn, is up on Mudlark, an electronic journal that has been publishing poems on-line since 1995, and was an early exemplar for internet poetry. I’m delighted to be on Bill Slaughter’s site again, a decade after he published  The Conversion of Saint Jon, my poem series about my friend, Jon Greenberg, who died of complications of HIV in 1993. It’s really a thrill to see these two poems featured on this site; Eating the Seed Corn felt like a sequel to the Jon poems. It is also in tribute to Ben Lerner‘s book,Mean Free Path, published in 2010, which I totally fell in love with, so much so that I consciously tried to capture his style in my work. Seed Corn is a very long poem, a memoir, and dear to my soul. I hope you will read it.

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More poems!

Two poems at a brand new Journal, Ithaca Lit.

And a poem at This Literary Magazine.

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Poems at Scythe

I have three poems up at Scythe, and am thrilled to be in the good company of Jee Leong Koh, Rose Hunter, and other wonderful poets. The issue is visually lovely. Take a look!

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working again

Reporting that once again, I have part-time (per diem) work with Planned Parenthood. They formally rehired me today, and have already offered me 2 days of paid training this week and 9 additional clinic days this month. I will also be working in a private practice one day a week doing pain management, which should also begin sometime this month. This means I will probably be working 3-4 days/week and be able to pay my bills. This is a good compromise with my urgent desire to continue to focus on my writing. I feel very grateful at the moment, I had a lovely summer getting unemployment checks and spending only a small amount of my savings, and now I have work again, just as things were starting to look a little dicey.


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