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No, I’m still living in Sequim, Washington. But my blog has moved to:


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Outsider by Risa Denenberg (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Silver Birch Press

by Risa Denenberg

I live in a small town of recovered alcoholics
who go to weeknight meetings to drink coffee
and gossip: who versus who, where, how often,
when. These good people also go to church
on Sundays to hear sermons drawn from within
the town’s close-cropped borders and offer prayers
to heal sins they will later talk about over pork
ciabatta at the Longhouse.

I’m the oddball: vegetarian lesbian poet
who celebrates Pesach to their Easter, rents instead
of owns, has never married, chooses to live alone.

Last week I bought a push mower and huffed
around my yard cutting the tall grass and elfin
pink and violet florets down to nubbins. I did
this to ward off chatter among my friendly neighbors
over my overgrown habits, although I know they think
it’s strange to not eat meat and refuse to waste
gasoline on this endeavor. If I…

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30/30 Project

30/30 Project   I am one of 9 poets writing a poem-a-day in July for Tupelo Press. And you, my friends, are my beloved sponsors. I love Tupelo Press for it’s amazingly gorgeous books of poetry and the generosity of … Continue reading

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My Happy Chappie!

My Happy Chappie!.

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Poem at Lavender Review … and

This is a lovely journal with lesbian sensibility.


and here is one at the New Verse News, a site with a political bent.  See 12/03 for my poem …



And, Harlow’s Monkeys, at YB


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Poem up at Mudlark

My poem, Eating the Seed Corn, is up on Mudlark, an electronic journal that has been publishing poems on-line since 1995, and was an early exemplar for internet poetry. I’m delighted to be on Bill Slaughter’s site again, a decade after he published  The Conversion of Saint Jon, my poem series about my friend, Jon Greenberg, who died of complications of HIV in 1993. It’s really a thrill to see these two poems featured on this site; Eating the Seed Corn felt like a sequel to the Jon poems. It is also in tribute to Ben Lerner‘s book,Mean Free Path, published in 2010, which I totally fell in love with, so much so that I consciously tried to capture his style in my work. Seed Corn is a very long poem, a memoir, and dear to my soul. I hope you will read it.

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More poems!

Two poems at a brand new Journal, Ithaca Lit.

And a poem at This Literary Magazine.

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